Andale Whippets
est 2004

Mariah produced four beautiful brindles
on September 23, 2014, by
Sunny (Kentfield Infinite Sunshine WRCh ORC),
Bred by Annie Kelsey (WildAbout Whippets).
Additional Photos

Shine (Moonbeam)
WildAbout Moonshine Runner, owned by Dana Hanson

Burn (Sunburn)
WildAbout Fear The Wind N Sun, owned by Kim Foster

Indra (Whirlwind)
WildAbout Tarapaca's Whirlwind, owned by Alexis Shymanski

Echo (Little Dipper)
WildAbout Echo of Windwalker, owned by Wendy Montroy

Sunburn-Whirlwind-Moonbeam-Little Dipper  October 4, 2014 (Photo Annie Kelsey)

Sunburn-Little Dipper-Moonbeam-Whirlwind   October 23, 2014 (Photo Annie Kelsey)

Mom and Pop on their wedding day! (Photo Sue Dale)

Pedigree Of: Kentfield Infinite Sunshine WRCH ORC x Windwalker Mariah WRCHX

Sire Variety:       brindle w/white
Sire Breeder:      David & Merril Woolf
Sire Owner:       Sue Dale
Dam Variety:     black w/white
Dam Breeder:     Amy Downey/Michael Taylor
Dam Owner:      Karen Estis/Mike Downey

                 +-- Kentfield Caliente Elektra, fawn
          +-- Elektra Infineon
          |      +-- Kentfield Gorgophone
   +-- Kentfield Infinite Sunshine WRCH, ORC, brindle w/white
   |      |      +-- Zorneagle El Tiquila, ,rot, gestromt
   |      +-- Oochigea Gracylius
   |             +-- Oochigea Amytosys, brindle
 +-- Mating
   |             +-- Lyth Joker, black
   |      +-- Lyth Dundee, blue
   |      |      +-- Lyth Soho FCh, brindle
   +-- Windwalker Mariah WRCHX, black w/white
          |      +-- Ringdove Black Adder SRCh3, ORC, black w/wh
          +-- Windwalker Starfire WRCh, ORC, brindle
                 +-- Lyth Criggion WRCh, ORC, FCh, fawn