Northstate Flyin' Hounds AB-NOTRA
Redding, CA
350 m, drag lure, 3 programs, 4-dog races
Sunday, May 15, 2011
WHIPPET Results: 21 Starters
Fin NRN Call  Reg Name                         Owner      Score Notes
1   Lacerta   Kentfield Flat Out Like A Lizard Woolf      17    2ORC 2NORC
2   Chili-B   Farseer Jammin' Ghost Chili      Behnke     17    2ORC 2NORC
3   Dua       Vitesse Hairbrain Dua            Oace/Ferry 16
4   Cochiti   Farseer Cochiti                  Salts      13
5   Roco      Farseer Rocoto                   Salts      12
6   Adara     Kentfield Adara                  Woolf      12
7   Savina    Farseer Red Savina               Salts      11
8   Sofie     Oochigea's Gracylius             Woolf      10
9   Lorca     Kentfield Crixa Lorca            Woolf/Tucke10
10  Sully     Lone Gunman                      Briggs      9     PS 3
11  Tick      Jammin' Checkin' For Ticks       Behnke      8
12  Hermione  Kentfield's Hermione             Woolf       8
13  Pagliacci Kentfield Pagliacci Electra      Woolf/Brown 8
14  Jocasta   Oochigea's Epicentre             Woolf       6
15  Casabella Farseer's Casabella Pepper for W King/Thatche5    PS 3
16  Ziggy     Bravado's Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz     Briggs      5    PS 3
17  What      Jammin' Whatchamacallit          Behnke      3    SC2
18  Geforce   Kentfield Geforce Scirocco       Steele      3    SC2/FTE
19  Kindred   Appaws Waylon's Spittin' Image   Holland     2    SC2
20  Ophelia   Appaws Use Your Imagination      Holland     2    SC2
21  Woody     Kalista Flip Of A Coin Of Crestf Hall        0    PS 3
Race by Race Results:
P1 R1 Lorca, Ziggy, Ophelia, Woody
R2 Savina, Geforce, Kindred
R3 Dua, Sofie, Jocasta
R4 Roco, Tick, Adara
R5 Lacerta, Casabella, Pagliacci, Hermione
R6 Chili-B, Cochiti, Sully, What
P2 R1 Adara, Hermione, Jocasta, Woody
R2 Sofie, Pagliacci, Ziggy
R3 Sully, Tick, Casabella
R4 Dua, Savina, Lorca
R5 Chili-B, Lacerta, Cochiti, Roco
P3 R1 Hermione, Pagliacci, Jocasta, Woody(PS)
R2 Adara, Lorca, Tick, Casabella(PS)
R3 Roco, Savina, Sofie, Sully(PS)
R4 Lacerta, Dua, Cochiti, Chili-B