NFH       Whippet NOTRA Results    10-Apr-11         Number Entered: 28
Place NOTRA# Call_Name Reg_Name Owner Pts Notes
1 Pend Sully Lone Gunman Briggs 20 3ORC,3NAT
2 Pend Chili-B Farseer Jammin' Ghost Chili Behnke 16 1ORC,1NAT
3 5038 Threnody Quixand Weabe Singin' The Blues Heiniger/Hatte 14
4 Pend Lacerta Kentfield Flat Out Like A LizardWoolf 13
5 Pend Milhouse Quixand Fallout Boy Heiniger/Hatte 13
6 Pend Oz Vitesse Ozymandias Heiniger/Hatte 13
7 5053 MissBennet Miss Bennet of Wyndsor Balint 10.5
8 4694 Dude-W Farseer Jammin' Extra Hot Dude Wilks 10
9 3978 Pagliacci Kentfield Pagliacc Electra Woolf/Brown 10
10 4953 Miss Jane Miss Jane of Wyndsor Baint 9.5
11 4360 Adara Kentfield Adara Woolf 9
12 3827 Lorca Kentfield Crixa Lorca Woolf/Tucker 8
13 Pend Ancho Farseer Ancho Sanders 8
14 Pend Pixar Wannago's See Ya Later Pixar Simmons 7
15 Pend Tick Jammin' Checkin' For Ticks Behnke 7
16 4901 Sofie Oochigea's Gracylius Woolf 7
17 Pend Panic-B Quixand Afraid Of The Dark Behnke 7 PS3
18 5052 Bolt The Mighty Bolt Of Wyndsor Balint 7 SC3
19 4163 Jocasta Oochigea's Epicentre Woolf 6
20 4803 Ziggy Bravado's Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz Briggs 6
21 4878 Ophelia Appaws Use Your Imagination Holland 5
22 Pend Gideon Wannago's Dirt Daddy Simmons 5
23 3977 Hermione Kentfield's Hermione Woolf 5 SC3
24 4179 Chai Jammin Kashmiri Chai Wilks 5 SC3
25 4567 Kindred Appaws Waylon's Spittin' Image Holland 3
26 Pend Datura Kentfield's Perfect Poison Heiniger/Woolf 3 SC3
27 Pend Chim Chim Wannago'sShe'sTheBeatThatMyHear Simmons 2
28 3941 Miss Darcy Miss Darcy of Wyndsor Balint 0 SC2

Race By Race Results:

Program I
R1: Oz, Hermione, Chai, Chim Chim
R2: Lorca, Jocasta, Ziggy, Miss Darcy
R3: Adara, Miss Bennet/Miss Jane (T2), Ophelia
R4: Lacerta, Ancho, Gideon, Kindred
R5: Pixar, Dude-W, Tick, Sofie
R6: Chili-B, Datura, Panic-B, Pagliacci
R7: Sully, Threnody, Bolt, Milhouse

Program II
R1: Ophelia, Kindred, Sofie, Chim Chim
R2: Pagliacci, Chai, Ziggy
R3: Panic-B, Tick, Miss Jane, Gideon
R4: Dude-W, Miss Bennet, Hermione, Jocasta
R5: Milhouse, Bolt, Ancho, Datura
R6: Lacerta, Oz, Adara, Lorca
R7: Sully, Threnody, Chili-B, Pixar

Program III
R1: Sofie, Gideon, ChimChim, Kindred
R2: Miss Jane, Jocasta, Ziggy
R3: Pagliacci, Ancho, Tick, Ophelia
R4: Miss Bennet, Lorca,Adara, Panic-B (PS)
R5: Millhouse, Oz,Dude-W, Pixar
R6: Chili-B, Sully, Threnody, Lacerta