BCWRC    British Columbia Whippet Racing Club    WHIPPET NATIONAL
                    Squamish BC      August 29, 2010          300 yd drag / 4 program/ 5 dog races

Place Call Name NOTRA# Notra Grade Reg_Name Titles Owner Points ORC Pts  NORC Pts
1 Chief 4737 A5 Ringdove Chieftain SRCh ORC Tony and Helena James 26.5 7
2 Danny 5003 A7 Vincet Veritas My Blue Danube RCh ORC James Allison/Adrienne Bassett 22 5
3 Dazzler 5014 A26 Vincet Veritas Bobby Dazzler RCh ORC Jim and Yvonne Allison 19 2
4 Threnody 5038 A21 Quixand Weabe Singin' the Blues RCh SORC Susan Heiniger/Adrienne Bassett 19 2
5 Alli pend FTE Ringdove Hot To Trot RCh Craig Mearns 18 7
6 Jitterbug 4480 A1 Quixand Feel the Beat RCh SORCV Susan Heiniger  16
7 Kelp 5017 A40 Monkeyhouse Kelperton Rocket ORC Chris Kirschbaum 16
8 Angus 4952 A99 Ringdove White Adder Craig Mearns 15 5
9 Zip 5039 A34 Quixand's Just Zip'n Around WRCh SORC II Gerald Burrus/VadaCramer-Burrus 15
10 Schooner 5043 A19 Vincet Veritas Bluenose WRCh ORC David Busch/Leslie Busch 14
11 Byelobog pend A9 Quixand Intentionally Left Blank ORC CR Shannon & Krystal Lyons 14
12 Rudy 5004 B171 Weabe Reindeer Dippin Adrienne Bassett/Carolee Boivin 13 1
13 Cochiti 4693 B131 Farseer Cochiti ORC FCh SRM2 Diane Salts 13
14 Marco 5022 A23 Shadow Run Marco ORC Jo Sowards 13
15 Bolt 5052 A72 The Mighty Bolt of Wyndsor Babara Kusha/ Jean Balint 13 1
16 Tango 5023 C342 Shadow Run Jump Up and Kiss Me Jo Sowards 13 1
17 McCoy pending A43 Wenlock Ivywild Intrigue Barbara Herman 13 1
18 Ruger 5000 A24 Kentfields Quickshot Ruger ORC Rinda Clark 13
19 Austin pend FTE Wenlock Whip It Up Tyvo S Davidson 12
20 Dude 4694 B265 Farseer Jammin Extra Hot Dude RCh Laurel and Don Behnke 12
21 Cymba 5029 A60 Quixand Status Cymbal Dave and Susan Burt 12
22 Bree pend B173 Quixand Corsa Con Brio FCh Jill Rizk 12
23 Lucy  pend A59 Rosmor Lucy in the Sky Jack Pulley 12
24 Andy pend B157 Vitesse Andre' Chenier D'Mar Cutherell/Burlingame 11
25 What pending B244 Jammin' Whatchamacallit SR  OTR Laurel and Don Behnke 11
26 Pinky 5018 B169 Monkeyhouse Pinkinstien Truffel Chris Kirschbaum 11
27 Samantha pend B145 Quixand Fearless Angel Kristen Nelson 11
28 Carney 4670 A8 Carnivale Justice SORC Adrienne Bassett and Janet Stigum 11sc4
29 Vinnie 4977 A4 Quixand Van Go of Reata RCh ORC Mary and Jack Lewis 10.5sc4
30 Merckx pending FTE Hilerica Paris Roubaix Darien Adley/ Neil Winkelmann 10
31 Trump pend B116 Carbeth the Donald OTR Caroline E Kirchner 10
32 Dua 4791 C368 Vitesse Harebrain Dua SR OTRM Susan M. Oace and Janet L Ferry 10
33 NIMBY 4483 C360 Quixand Jammin NIMBY O'Farseer FCh OTRM 5 SRM Diane Salts 10
34 Saphira 4395 A109 Quixand Fallen Angel RCh SORC Diane Salts 10
35 Sully pending B175 Lone Gunman OTR Tisha Briggs 10
36 Lola pend C363 Rosmor's Lolapalooza Valorie Hill 10
37 OB 4909 A93 Shadow Run Obsidian Night ORC Jo Sowards 10
38 Barossa 5027 B168 Elektra Barossa de Kentfield Quixand Brown/Woolf 10
39 Johnny pend B130 Shadow Run Johnny Be Good Jo Sowards 10
40 Mazie pend B146 Rosmor Amazing Race OTR Diane Johnson  9
41 Anakin 4823 A105 Hilerica Skywalker RCh ORC Darien and Carole Adley 9
42 Bec pend FTE TCS Jammin' at Your Quebec and Call AGN AGNJ RE RNCL FCh Adele McNiven 9
43 Floyd 4558 B132 Ringdove Mini Cooper S RCh ORC Tony and Helena James 9
44 Lateeda 5040 B111 Notorious Poeta OMG Fudge CD CGC ORC Vicki J. Jackson 9
45 Howie pend C346 Rosmor Deal or No Deal OTR Leslie Rosko 9
46 Javan 4385 D608 Domino Javan OTRM2 Diane Johnson/Donna Miner 8
47 Topa 4504 B334 Topaz at the Gamble ARX Susan C. Elliot 8
48 Foxy 5035 A17 Mischiefs Gallant Fox ORC RCh Pascale and James Jones 8
49 Cassie 5007 B245 Aumbreleye Parker's Girl David and Shirley Cassell 8
50 Miss Jane 4953 B229 Miss Jane of Wyndsor Jean Balint/Kellee Livingston 8
51 Fleck 5015 B216 Vincet Veritas Mark in Time GLAT Jim and Yvonne Allison 8
52 Amazon Pending B294 Siren Song Amazon Susan Shusterman 8
53 Stony 5036 B135 Mischiefs Grindstone Pascale and James Jones 8
54 Teddy  pend FTE Vitesse Theodora Pat Burlingame 8
55 Andie pend B123 Rosmor American Idol OTR Leslie Rosko 8
56 Flint 4982 B113 Wheatland Weabe Smoke and Mirrors RCh Adrienne Bassett and Kim Otero 8sc4
57 Joey 4560 C434 Quixand Squire Joseph Craig Mearns 7
58 Tick  pending C375 Jammin' Checkin' Fer Ticks SR OTR  Laurel and Don Behnke 7
59 Tina pending FTE Fireworks Athena John and Maria Abu-Ata 7
60 Jocasta 4163 B272 Oochgea's Epicentre FCh Merril Woolf 7pdsc4
61 Marshall pending FTE Fireworks Eminence Front Emily Szabo 7
62 Adara 4360 C366 Kentfield Adara CC CM FCh Merril Woolf 7
63 Lacerta pending A83 Kentfield Flat Out Like a Lizard Drinkin Merril Woolf 7
64 Tai 4954 B223 Jammin' Jujubee Peter and Valerie Aylen 7
65 Daltrey 4969 C394 Fireworks Who Are You  SR Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay 7
66 Sidney pending FTE Wenlock Edge Sidney Beth Orson/ Robert Elner 7sc4
67 Anneke pend FTE Quizand Agua de Annique Sue Hopper 7sc4
68 Charley pend FTE Westchase Prince Don and Elise Cranshaw 7sc4
69 Zoomy pend FTE TCS Zoomerang AGN AGNJ PCD RA RE Adele McNiven 6
70 Bobbie 5006 B306 Aumbreleye What About Bob David and Shirley Cassell 6
71 Mack pend D672 Shadow Run Mack the Knife Jo Sowards 6
72 Jasper pend FTE Whoapat's Jasper Tyvo S Davidson 5
73 Pete pend FTE Fireworks Thunderstruck Wirsch Barclay 5
74 Image pend A86 Carbeth Megamillions WRCh   Caroline E Kirchner 5
75 Bode pend D624 Alluring Flight of the Phoenix Jill Rizk 5
76 Donald 4699 D583 Fireworks Dancing with Mr D Ch FChX OTR SRM ARX DPCX Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay 5
77 Tara 4949 D657 Tara of Ainsdale George and Maureen Kelly 5
78 Willow 4076 C565 Blarneystone Sunrunner LCM2 FCh SC OTRM4 SRM3 CGC Susan Shusterman 5
79 Cairo 4948 C563 Swiftsure Senegal Ch FCh SR John and Margaret Gaull 5
80 Tessi 4369 B161 Lyth Cold Shot ORC CRX2 Vicki Jackson 5
81 Zelda 4698 D580 Fireworks Dance Little Sister Ch OTR SR DPC TRPX Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay 5
82 Aztec 4893 B214 Quixand Faster Than Angels Fly RCh  Ron and Mary Devall 5sc4
83 Cricket pend FTE Shannondown Luck O The Irish FCh Blair Shinski/Shannon Lyons 5sc4
84 Avery 4790 A87 Ringdove Avery-Eaton ORC FCh Lynnette Underwood 5sc4
85 Rupert 4187 B310 Lyth Moleskin FCh C A Lewis/Louanne Vernon 5sc4
86 Aaron 3683 B275 Whoapat's Top Hat and Tails FCh Jill Rizk 5sc3
87 Jimmie 5008 C550 Aumbreleye Gentleman Jim David and Shirley Cassell 5sc3
88 Sofie 4901 B283 Oochigea's Gracylius FCh Merril Woolf 4
89 Ziggy 4803 C552 Bravado's Zizzer Zazzer Zuzz SC SR OTRM Tisha Briggs 4
90 Kiwi 4238 D688 Fireworks Wild Berry Ch OTRM SRM TRPX DPC Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay 4
91 Ruby 3485 C542 MBIF Jammin' Ruby Mist of K's LCM 2 OTRM 4 SRM SC Diane Salts 4
92 Miss Darcy 3941 D716 Miss Darcy of Wyndsor ARX Jean Balint 4sc3
93 Moka pending FTE Maybach Mercedes Moka FCh Larry Harrop 3
94 Cleo 4894 B186 Swiftsure Sierra Leone Ch FCh TRP DPC Peter and Nancy Szabo 3
95 Homey 5041 A13 Wheatland Funk Soul Brutha RCh ORC Otero/Palmer 3sc4
96 Monarch pend FTE Kindred Monarch Rules Ch FCh Blair Shinski/Brenda Malick 3sc4
97 Fergie pend C527 Jammin' Farseer Fergalicious OTRM Diane Salts 3sc3
98 Emma 4950 D858 Emma Of Ainsdale George and Maureen Kelly 2
99 Izzy pending A88 Ringdove Zeleeda Shelley Jones 2sc4
100 Pepper 4979 B217 Sailaway Habanero Pepper Lorna Leinbach 2sc3
101 Miss Bennett 5053 B288 Miss Bennett of Wyndsor Jean Balint 2sc3
102 Zevi 3929 D813 Fireworks Eternal Flame Ch OTR SR DPC TRPX Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay 0
103 Corona 4329 D603 Fireworks Afterburner FCh OTR SR TRPX Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay 0
104 Cayley 4794 A47 Ringdove Cayley WRCh RCh ORC Betsy Browder and John Demere 0sc3
105 DJ 4911 B174 TCS Shadow Run Dominant Jeans ORC Jo Sowards 0sc3
106 Buster 3928 D600 Fireworks Spontaneouscombustion Ch CGN OTRM SR TRPX DPC Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay 0sc 3
107 Peyton pend FTE Quixand Velvet Revolver Tim and Gina Casperson 0pdsc on rerun
108 Ripple 4330 D827 Fireworks Raspberry Ripple Ch OTR SRM TRPX DPC Howard Wirsch/Barbara Barclay ps sc 1

Prog 1
Race 1 rerun Pete Monarch Emma  Peytonpdsc rerun Ripple pdsc 
Race 2 Merckx Moka Miss Darcy Zevi
Race 3 Marshall Zoomy Kiwi  Mack
Race 4 Charley Jasper Cricket Bode Tara
Race 5 Austin Javan Bec Tina Corona
Race 6 Sidney Teddy Anneke Donald Buster
Race 7 Jimmie Willow Cairo Ziggy Zelda
Race 8 Joey   Tick Daltrey Fergie Ruby
Race 9 Alli NIMBY Lola Dua Adara
Race 10 Tango Topa Bobbie Howie Rupert
Race 11 Aaron Amazon Miss Bennett Sofie Jocasta
Race 12 What Dude Tai Cassie Miss Jane
Race 13 Sully Fleck Aztec Pepper Cleo
Race 14 Pinky Rudy Bree Barossa DJ
Race 15 Samantha Andy Mazie Tessi Stony
Race 16 Cochiti Trump Floyd Johnny Andie
Race 17 Angus Saphira Anakin Flint Lateeda
Race 18 OB Image Lacerta Avery Izzy
Race 19 Bolt Cymba McCoy Cayley Lucy
Race 20 Dazzler Kelp Marco Zip Ruger
Race 21 HP Threnody Vinnie Danny Byelobog Foxy
Race 22 HP Chief Jitterbug Carney Schooner Homey
Prog 2
Race 1 Bode Mack Tara Corona Zevi
Race 2 Tina Donald Zelda Buster
Race 3 Adara Fergie Ziggy Ruby
Race 4 Dua Howie Jocasta Rupert
Race 5 Cassie Miss Jane Sofie Cleo
Race 6 Barossa Stony Pepper DJ Tessi
Race 7 Flint Lateeda Johnny Andie Izzy
Race 8 Zip Ruger Lucy Avery Cayley
Race 9 Bec Cricket Miss Darcy Kiwi Emma
Race 10 Anneke Lola Bobbie Daltey Cairo
Race 11 Mazie Aztec Bree Tai Miss Bennett oc
Race 12 Marco McCoy Anakin Floyd Lacerta
Race 13 Javan Zoomy Jasper Moka Monarch
Race 14 Topa NIMBY Tick Willow Teddy
Race 15 Rudy Andy Dude Amazon Fleck
Race 16 Kelp Cymba Trump Image Saphira
Race 17 Byelobog Schooner Foxy Homey Pete
Race 18 Merckx Austin Sidney Charley Marshall
Race 19 Alli Tango Joey Aaron Jimmie oc
Race 20 Cochiti Pinky What Sully Samantha
Race 21 Dazzler Carney Angus Bolt OB
Race 22 HP Danny Jitterbug Chief Threnody Vinnie
Prog 3
Race 1 Rupert Cleo Ruby Zevi Corona
Race 2 Avery Andie Izzy Tessi
Race 3 Jocasta Tara Ziggy Zelda
Race 4 Lucy Johnny Sofie Kiwi Emma
Race 5 Floyd Lacerta Tai Daltrey Cairo
Race 6 Miss Jane Howie Donald Mack Fergie pdscr
Race 7 Ruger Lateeda Stony Moka Monarch
Race 8 Saphira Fleck Amazon Teddy Willow
Race 9 Anakin Bree Image Homey Bobbie
Race 10 Dua Cassie Tina Adara Bode
Race 11 Zip Flint Lola Barossa Cricket
Race 12 Dude McCoy Tick Jasper Aztec
Race 13 Trump Foxy Charley Marshall Pete
Race 14 Bolt Samantha Sully OB Zoomy
Race 15 Andy Cymba NIMBY Bec Anneke
Race 16 Schooner Marco Mazie Joey Sidney
Race 17 Angus Vinnie What Javan Topa
Race 18 Rudy Kelp Austin Tango Pinky
Race 19 Alli Carney Jitterbug Byelobog Merckx
Race 20 HP Chief Danny Threnody Dazzler Cochiti
Prog 4
Race 1 Tessi Zelda Ruby Zevi Corona
Race 2 Daltrey Cairo Kiwi Emma
Race 3 Andie Mack Willow Moka Cleo
Race 4 Teddy Tai Bobbie Sofie Ziggy
Race 5 Johnny Stony Lacerta Donald Tara
Race 6 Barossa Amazon Adara Image Bode
Race 7 OB Howie Marshall Jasper Pete
Race 8 Lucy Lateeda Fleck Zoomy Jocasta pdsc
Race 9 Bree Lola Floyd Tick Tina
Race 10 Ruger Sully Bec Joey Miss Jane
Race 11 McCoy Samantha Saphira Foxy Cassie
Race 12 Tango Pinky NIMBY Javan Topa
Race 13 Byelobog Cymba  What Mazie Anakin
Race 14 Zip Bolt Dude Trump Dua
Race 15 Kelp Marco Austin Andy Merckx
Race 16 Jitterbug Angus Schooner Rudy Cochiti
Race 17 HP Chief Danny Dazzler Threnody Alli